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A new and exciting job

If your current job has you looking forward to lunch and sick days, it may be time to make a change. A new and exciting position may be just what you need. However, before you take a leap into the unknown, consider why you’re less than enthusiastic about your current employment situation. Think about what would constitute an ideal employment opportunity.

Before moving on to a new job, take the time to consider the following questions.

One: Will I look forward to Mondays?

Everyone looks forward to the end of the work week. The challenge is to look forward to a redo or the beginning of the work week. If your new job contributes to your desire to hit the snooze button or to your chronic upset stomach, this may not be the best move.

Two: Will this job motivate me to produce great results?

Whether you’re in sales or human services, being good at your job is important. Your employer will expect it. Furthermore, you’ll potentially be more gratified with your impact on the organization or business as a whole if positive outcomes can be attributed to you.

Three: Will there be opportunities for personal growth or learning?

Aside from competitive pay, flexible hours, and opportunities for advancement, your new job should help you grow both in your profession and as a person. Conferences, OJT, cross training and even counseling may help you to grow into not only a better employee but a better person.

Four: Does my new boss know more than I do?

When you leave a job because you are looking for the next big thing, you’re no doubt expecting to be challenged. Well this won’t happen if you’re the expert who is not the boss. It is important to have a boss or supervisor that can supervise and mentor you.

Five: What is the company’s future outlook?

Unless you are launching your own business, you should feel confident that a new company is fiscally sound. Even if your priority is to try something new, you want to get paid a competitive salary. Afterall, food, clothing, and shelter most often accompany gainful employment.

Six: Can I bring something to the table?

As much as you want to learn something new, you also want to be recognized as a valuable member of the team. The best way to do that is to not just show up but to show out. Employers ask for work experience because they want employees with work ethic and ideas.

Before you look for a way out of a lackluster job, identify the pros and cons of a move. Look for a new position that allows you to learn and grow; that gets you excited about the end of your morning commute; and that affords you the opportunity to showcase your skills. Ultimately, be sure that you’re ready for change and hard work. Your dream job may just follow.