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Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Instructor

Boeing Qatar Inc. - Qatar Branch Office Published: February 23, 2019
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Job ID Insitu-92Date posted 02/20/2019

Location Brisbane ,Australia
Job Description
About the role:

The Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Instructor is primarily responsible for reviewing, updating, delivering and evaluating RPAS training for staff and customers. The RPAS Instructor is also responsible for conducting daily inspection, surveillance, and mapping operations using (RPAS) advanced integrated command, control and video tools, for Insitu's commercial and military customers at various sites in Australia and overseas.


  • Reviewing, updating, delivering and evaluating training on: RPAS, ground control systems, basic aerodynamics, weather and atmosphere, airspace procedures, flight planning, RPAS interface units, CRM and safety theory, map pack preparation, tactical equipment employment, ground equipment maintenance and use, system setup and teardown, RPA maintenance and flight operations and emergency handling.
  • Overall Pilot in Command (PIC) of RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) including:
    • Pre-flight crew safety briefing, flight planning and mission execution.
    • Weather and Risk assessments to ensure conditions for the mission are within the operating limits of the aircraft.
    • Execution of Pre-flight, Mission, Emergency Procedure, Recovery and Post-flight checklists.
    • Overall aircraft safety by assessing and monitoring aircraft states, monitoring Air Traffic Control (ATC) frequencies, coordinating and de-conflicting the RPA operation with other airspace users, and performing emergency procedures when required.
    • Communication of mission status to all members of the RPAS flight crew.
    • Ensuring the serviceability of the Ground Control Station (GCS) flight operations.
    • Calculation of mission fuel requirements and verification of correct fuel loads.
    • Verification that mission programming loads are correct.
  • Maintenance Release of RPA for Flight Operations ensuring:
    • Serviceability of the RPA.
    • Serviceability of the Ground Control Station (GCS) and Launch and Recovery systems.
    • Inspection and verification of Critical Maintenance Operations (CMO) using Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies.
    • Calculation of mission fuel requirements and verification of correct fuel loads.
    • Verification that mission programming loads are correct.
  • Operational maintenance and operational training activities in order to meet aircraft serviceability requirements to support flight operations including:
    • RPA, GCS, Launch and Recovery system module/component replacement.
    • Troubleshooting, analysis and system testing of complex RPA and ground control station system components including:
      •  RPA - Sensor, airframe, fuel, engine, avionics, Pilot/static and flight controls systems.
      •  Ground Systems - Computer hardware, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fibre optic and networked peripherals.
  • Undertaking Remote Pilot flying activities and responsibilities in accordance with CASA Regulations and Standards, Area Approval conditions and Insitu Pacific's Operator's Certificate.
  • Updating and maintaining aviation documentation including Remote Pilot qualifications and endorsements, Remote Pilot logbook and flight logs.
  • Ensuring the following standards and competencies are complied with and remain current (as required by all Remote Pilots):
    • Licensing requirements in support of position.
    • Related CASA regulatory frameworks.
    • Remote Pilot competency using RPA flight simulator systems.
  • Developing and maintaining a strong customer focus whilst considering existing capability, flight safety, project and contractual limitations.
  • Performing other duties as requested.

To be successful in this role you will have:

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent, or higher.
  • Demonstrated experience as a Qualified Flight and/or Maintenance Instructor.
  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills including application, hardware and networking experience. Ability to use Microsoft Office applications to draft and edit complex documentation.
  • Eligibility for an Australian Defence Security Clearance.
  • Ability to operate in remote national and international locations.
  • An international regulatory requirement to be able to communicate with air traffic requires you to demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written communications.
  • Ability to adhere to strict corporate and customer applied OH&S standards.
  • Possession of a valid Australian Open (Manual) Drivers License.
  • Possession of or ability to hold a CASA Class 2 medical certificate.

Also desirable:

  • Either a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and have an IREX Theory Exam Pass or Instrument Rating qualification, in order to obtain a CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).
  • Possession of a ScanEagle qualification.
  • Possession of a UAV maintenance qualification.
  • 2 years related remotely deployed aviation operations and/or military service.

Working at Insitu Pacific:

Insitu is a pioneer leader in the design, development, production and operation of high-performance, cost-effective unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced integrated command, control and video tools for intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance. Insitu Pacific is an integral part of the Insitu global organization and The Boeing Company. Working at Insitu Pacific is both demanding and rewarding. To achieve our goals, we find the absolute best talent and then nurture a highly productive and entrepreneurial environment. Each one of our team members makes a valuable contribution toward creating intellectual property that is the envy of the industry. We work hard, but we are energised by the excitement of creating innovative products and services that are valued by customers from all over the world.

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