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High paying jobs from 10k to 20K in China Major Cities.Free accommodation+Free Mandarin Lessons ETC

ESL Job in China Published: March 26, 2020
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Have you found out...
-It is very difficult for you to find a very decent job even if you have degree graduated with honors?
-You have to work very hard and overtime everyday to attract your leaders’ attention to get a promotion in your company but only to find maybe your efforts will be in vain due to the latent rules of career
-You cannot even save up some money for traveling abroad to broaden your horizon,shopping,or do whatever you want to do even though you work overtime everyday

So have you ever thought of making a change...
-Why not come to the one of the most potential countries in the World China to enjoy another life style?
-Why not abandon your tiring job and try to challenge a new career ----Teaching English in such a nice country and deserve all respect from all Chinese people?

Come on! ESL Job in China will realize all your dreams. As the most reputable English as second language(ESL) company established in 2005 in Beijing, our company is always in search for employees who are adventurous and want to advance their life for our many fantastic opportunities.These include teaching options in Beijing or throughout China.Details are below:
1:Location:Downtown of Beijing nearby the subway or another nice cities
2:Contract Duration:Flexible but at least 6 months
3:Class size:8 to 10 kids per class
4:Age group:From 3 to 12 years old kids
5:Start date:Any time
6:Working schedule:Kindergarten job from Monday to Friday and two days off on Weekends;Training school job from Wednesday to Sunday and two days off on Monday and Tuesday
7:Requirements: BA degree and TEFL Certificate required.No need you have teaching experience
8:Salary:We can pay you from 10000RMB to 20000RMB after tax per month with free accommodation depends on teachers qualification.
Please note that:The salary is equal to 2000 to 3500 US Dollars per month.The normal people in China can only earn 3000RMB to 5000RMB per month so it is a great salary for you.The city of China has an extremely low cost of living even if it’s in a big city(especially when compared to America,Canada,Britain,Australia and New Zealand),so it is very easy to save a lot of your salary for traveling,sending home to pay your debt,or building savings.
9:Legal work visa provided.(The process is: Send your resume and certifications,interview,sign contract,prepare docs,work permit issued,apply work visa,book ticket.Very easy and simple)
10:Airport pick up upon arrival and offer assistance to help you settle in Beijing at the beginning or other cities
11:Paid Chinese national holidays which are in total 20 days per year
12:If you finish one year contract,will get 6000 as airfare bonus.
13:TEFL certificate and working reference letter provided when one year contract finished
14:Provide teaching plan and have one bilingual assistant
15:On-going training

Today is the day you change your life and enjoy something new. Everything is possible. ESL Job in China is here to guide you.

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2:Passport scan


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