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Trust Me!

Do you trust anyone who says you can get something for free? Not likely. Especially when there is always a caveat: “If you act now, we will throw in this faux diamond ring for free” Give me a break! When job hunting or transitioning it’s very difficult to find your way through the maze of Job sites and recruiters to find a job that fits your goals and desires. With Education and Training Jobs, we help you find your way by making registration absolutely free plus you get many bonuses with no obligation. The same holds true for employers and recruiters, just for registering with ETJobs, your first month of job postings is free and you can also search our resume database to find the recruit you need. Let ETJobs help you find your way.

Let's Be Honest

ETJobs wants an open and honest discussion with job seekers, employers and recruiters. Honesty is the best Policy? Of course, it is. Even if everyone else is dishonest, its good for you to be honest. ETJobs does its best to be direct and honest when negotiating a deal with companies, schools and recruiters. If you have better ideas than what we offer, then tell us. We are listening. As for job seekers? We go out of our way to serve your needs by first being honest with you about filling out your profile completely so companies can find you. We also feature you in our newsletter and promote you to our customers. Honestly, we help employers and candidates find their way to each other.

About ETJobs, LLC

Founder Mr. Thomas Fortunato is an Air Force and Army Veteran, an educator and trainer with over 20 years of experience as an instructor, contractor, and consultant. Throughout his career, he has made it a priority to network with others and observe the culture of job acquisition in his field. Because of this, he has made the connections that you need to find an exciting position in the education and training field. TJ launched ETJobs because he recognized the need to help job seekers find their way through a sea of confusing and sometimes empty online leads.

After seeing many exciting and salary-competitive positions go unfilled, Fortunato realized that there needed to be a vehicle to connect applicants across the skill spectrum to jobs that offered real opportunity and competitive pay. From there, ETJobs was born. An interactive job board that caters to both job candidates and future employers, ETJobs is broadening the world of modern educators by highlighting available positions from coast to coast; country to country; and continent to continent.

At ETJobs, you’ll find up-to-date job postings for some of the best positions out there. Not only will you find the traditional “instructor or educator” position, but you’ll also find opportunities to work in positions that you didn’t even know existed. We’re committed to helping you connect to legitimate employers who offer great pay and opportunities to explore the world.

ETJobs makes direct connections with employers who are actively seeking employees. We provide a service for employers and job seekers around the world by reaching out using both traditional and modern digital marketing methods. Not only will you find daily posts about positions, but you’ll be able to review valuable information on employers and candidates.

Here at ETJobs, our goal is to connect the right person to the right employer. We want applicants to shine so that they can make themselves available for new career opportunities in the continental U.S, Europe, the Middle East and more. When you post your resume with us, you’ll have the opportunity to be seen by hundreds of employers and search daily job postings.

To help you get started with your ETJobs search and acquisition, here are a few things that you need to know:

    • Provides an easy to use online platform for both candidates and employers
    • Helps candidates identify available education and training jobs
    • Is designed to help candidates connect directly to employers
    • Highlights job posting from employers from around the world
    • Offers candidates the opportunity to have their profile featured
    • Is committed to the privacy of candidates and employers alike
    • Reviews candidate and employer profiles to ensure authenticity