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The first impression starts with your resume

With less than 20% of job applicants being called for an interview, your first impression starts when you drop your resume in the mail or press the submit button. In the stack of documents that are up for review by HR, your application documents need to stand out above the rest.

Instead of hoping to kill it during the interview, your first impression has to be your resume or applicant profile. If you want to be on the top of the pile of 50+ applicants the employer will receive, you need to make sure that you capture the reviewers attention within seconds.

Provide All Requested Information

Employers want people who can follow directions. Your first opportunity to showcase this quality is by providing all of the information requested when applying for a position. Don’t let your information be stored in the “incomplete and ineligible” folder.

Do Your Homework

Do your homework about the company and the position. Try to gain as much knowledge as possible about the culture of the organization and potential job duties. Use the information you glean from your research to speak their language in print.

Show Off Where You Can

If you have exceptional skills in a certain area, be sure to document it. Without writing an essay, use keywords and quality descriptors to help the reader understand what you have to offer.

Know Your Competition

When you are preparing your resume or online profile, think about the other people who might be applying. What do you have that they don’t. Think beyond required qualifications. Think abilities, think learning potential, think competencies.

Your work experience and potential contribution to a new employer are important factors that help determine if you will be considered for a job. Be sure to include the following when you begin the application process:

Show Efficiency

  • Document relevant experience
  • Describe your accomplishments
  • Show why you’re a good fit
  • Provide a picture of your worth

Remember that a successful job search requires multiple steps. For your first few, forget about getting the job and focus on getting the interview.