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Opportunities for educators are not confined to grades K - 12. ETJobs, LLC wants you to think beyond the traditional and outside of the classroom.

Jobs for education professionals

An opportunity for education professionals

The Government Services Administration reports major contractors across the United States. In the most recent year, the top ten federal contracts alone were awarded over $160 billion dollars to companies from Hawaii to California. These companies and hundreds of others like them are ripe with opportunity for education professionals.

What types of jobs do these contractors post? You can expect jobs in a variety of fields including engineering, accounting, information technology, security and more. However, there are other jobs available that require skills that are most often used in the classroom.

Similar positions can be found in every industry including the education sector. Most school districts and companies look for project managers. The superior organizational skills of teachers make them ideal candidates for positions that require planning and meeting tight deadlines. Administrators often have human resources experience. For instance, a principal at a school serving only 200 students may manage multiple departments and twenty or more staff members.

Many educators have special training. Foreign language instructors, school counselors, and business teachers may qualify for many jobs outside of the traditional education setting. Companies often need language specialists or translators; counselors and case managers; and executive assistants. Counselors, science teachers and team leads often have skills that can help them easily transition into careers as research analysts and contract administrators.

Why consider a shift from the classroom to a career in the education and training sector? Consider these pros:

  • Corporations often have more competitive salaries than smaller companies or school districts. Imagine the benefits of a significant salary increase.
  • Relocating for a new job often presents opportunities to see and experience new things. Traveling to places you’ve never seen before may just be worth the move.
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone means challenging yourself in new and exciting ways. In the process, you’ll gain new skills that boost your competitive edge.
  • Whether you move 500 miles or 5,000 miles away, people and cultures can differ greatly. It can be exciting to learn about new people, places and things.
  • Shifting to a new career means shifting how you communicate. You could enhance your collaboration skills, technology skills, writing skills and more.

Education and training jobs

If you’re ready to explore opportunities outside of the traditional classroom, take a look at jobs in education and training. With a four year degree and work experience, you could be on your way to a new career as a corporate trainer, analyst, or project administrator.

Searching for highly qualified educators and trainers?

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