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ETJobs Featured Trainer:

Mr. Michael Whitehead a Pilot, Aviation English Instructor, and small business owner.

Aviator & Instructor
Picture of Featured Trainer at ETJobs is Mr. Michael Whitehead.

Featured Trainer at ETJobs is Mr. Michael Whitehead. (right)

As a pilot, formally trained by the US Air Force on the C-130 aircraft, Mr. Whitehead has combined a passion for flying with an equal desire to learn a foreign language and get to know people through the medium of English language instruction. Michael is in the process of creating an online Aviation English platform: See Here "My objective is to unite native English-speaking pilots and air traffic controllers with piot aspirants and pilots who need to learn English for their jobs."
Michael Whitehead at computer with headphones on
Michael believes that teaching Technical English that is relevant to a student’s aspirations is how students learn more effectively and efficiently. Those who want to be pilots learn English faster when they’re taught with class activities that center on aviation themes. His goals are to contribute to aviation safety, to curb the current pilot shortage by matching retired or medically disqualified English-speaking pilots with pilot aspirants from non-English speaking countries, thereby providing meaningful work for the teachers and helping to fulfill the flying dreams of young people from countries where English is not the first language. As an added bonus, this vision affords Michael the time to travel and provide a reasonable income. Mr. Michael Whitehead volunteered Michael Whitehead grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, a medium size city in the USA.  In high school, he learned Spanish as a second language.  He loved getting to know the foreign exchange students who came to study at his high school.  After high school, Michael became a foreign exchange student to Spain, and later attended a US military college where he majored in Modern Languages, focusing on Spanish. Mr. whiteheads parents are people of conviction and integrity and give him much to aspire to. "They planted a seed of faith in me that is at my core, and they made it possible for me to pursue my interest in other cultures and languages." Michael’s language teachers in high school and college were often excellent guides.  Later, certain bosses and military leaders fueled his aspirations.  Pastors and preachers have kept him grounded in faith. Michael Whitehead with family "Today, my wife and children are the “Why” behind my ambitions.  I’m grateful for each of these people in my life." In hindsight, it seems every experience for Michael was life-changing.  He became a foreign exchange student, got a pilot license and became a US Air Force pilot. He also volunteered to teach English, got a CELTA, traveled and accepted job opportunities in foreign countries, taking on challenges that he thought were too difficult for him. "These all have been part of the journey that has led to what I’m pursuing today.  And I’m grateful for each of those experiences." michael with his son and camel in background Currently, Michael is a Pilot with Silver Airways while teaching English students online with UUABC in China and aviation English to Chinese student pilots attending flight training in the USA.  He is always looking for new opportunities as he builds his online Aviation English program.

Resume / CV Tips

Resume tips

The Eyecatcher

Want that job desperately? Do you really want to impress the hiring manager? The cover letter is that first impression! A well written cover letter is sure to get you that interview. But what will help you stand out especially when the position is very competitive? Tips:
  • Be Creative. You are an instructor and creativity is essential in the dynamic classroom of today. The more entertaining, interactive and interesting a lesson plan the better. The same holds true for selling yourself in a cover letter. The sky's the limit. Here is a creative example that isn’t even on paper.  Take a look here:
  • Be enthusiastic (not desperate). Enthusiasm can be expressed in writing by choosing words and phrases a bit out of the ordinary: “wow! When I saw this position, I knew this was the job for me.” Follow up with a story and be creative in telling it. Talk about why you are in the field you are and perhaps some of the successes you have had.
  • Summarize your skills and experience. The body of your cover letter should include specific details about what you do and what you’ve accomplished in your career. Choose details that directly apply to the job to which you’re applying. Describe how your skills have helped past employers.
  • Use a header/letterhead. The same idea as stationery, many people add a   header to their documents that shows they’re part of the same set.  I once had to narrow down many resumes/CVs and I found the ones with headers or letter head made me take a second glance. Your header can be something simple that includes your name, title and contact information. Or spice it up with targeted skills.
  • Use direct opening words.  If you know the name of the person who will be reviewing your resume and cover letter, use that. “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To whom it may concern” can seem too stuffy. If no name is available, like with most education and training jobs, then knowing the department name can suffice.
  • Close with how you will follow up. It helps to be direct and say you’ll follow up with the company in a specific amount of time. Two weeks is usually a safe bet. This shows your commitment to being hired. You don’t want to follow up more than one time as this shows a bit of desperation.
Always Proofread This is just as important as what content you include in your cover letter. Read it backwards and forwards (literally) to check for grammar and spelling errors. Ask a close friend or family member to review it, as well. When your documents are ready, upload them to ETJobs. If you’re looking for a new job around the world, then register at The more information you put on your profile the easier it will be for companies and schools to find you. ETJobs will help you find your way. Register here.

ETJobs Featured Company:

Chenega Applied Solutions Records/IT, Facilities, Intelligence & Training

chenega logo
Chenega Applied Solutions (pronounced cheh-nee’-gah) is our featured company. They are a native American created company. Their mission is “to deliver high quality services to their customers and wisely investing profits in assisting shareholders on their journey to economic and social self-sufficiency. This is achieved in the following ways:
  • Engaging in responsible business that is innovative, competitive and progressive
  • Attracting, developing, compensating, rewarding and retaining top quality talent that focuses on customer service
  • Acknowledging the many opportunities and successes of Chenega people
  • Assisting native and disadvantaged businesses through the promotion of development and the pursuit of responsible business pursuits.
"We educate and train our employees to perform at their greatest, which allows them to not only succeed in the workplace, but at home and in their community as well. If you have the dedication, Chenega Applied Solutions (CAS) wants you on our team!" CAS celebrates and encourages all the achievements of their employees, but most notably they celebrate and thank veterans who gave so much to this country. They even feature one veteran employee a quarter on their website. "CAS is full of dedicated, innovative, driven, and compassionate individuals. We never forget that it is our employees that make our business great, or our responsibility to each other, our community, and our shareholders." CAS supports Battlefield to Boardroom (B2B), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps transitioning veterans transfer their skills to the corporate world. "CAS is forever committed to hiring former military personnel and veterans in all levels of work both nationally and internationally and thanks all our veterans for their service, whether you served 1 day or 40 years, your sacrifice is not forgotten."