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BlueForce Inc

We believe in treating our employees and customers with the same world-class service that we would want to be treated with.

Company Information

A Values-Based Company

• Treat our customers and employees the way we would want to be treated
• Practice Servant Leadership by putting our customers' and employees' needs above ours
• We Make Decisions Based on Right vs Wrong, not profitability
• Underpinning these three elements is a rock solid foundation of integrity and honesty

BlueForce Culture

Emerging from our values, our culture defines how we do what we do. It determines how we achieve excellence, reward performance, exceed customer cost, schedule and performance expectations and take corrective action. Our culture motivates us to always act in the best interest of our customer and employee.


Continue to serve God, country, communities and customers through values-based professional services and expertise that exceed expectations in cost, schedule and performance.


Create and further develop the nexus between DoD and DoS with a skillfully blended mix of cross functional defense, inter-agency and international development expertise.


Honesty in everything; Give our clients our best quality; Support the welfare of our people; We are a Team!

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